SOLD 15m SP focused miner/PI pilot

(Non Actinides) #1

can fly Hulks, use all common ore T2 crystals, some PI skills for that passive income… perfect for your own mining op!

2… count em 2!!! remaps available!

Starting bid 6 bil

B/O 12 bil

contact me on forum post only for offers plz

Happy bidding!

(Zana Shikkoken) #2

I’ll start you off with 6 bil

(SvFv) #3

8 bil

(Leobardo III Madullier) #4

8.5 B

(SvFv) #5

8.7 B

(Non Actinides) #6

Appreciate the offers, looking for a bit more.


(Leobardo III Madullier) #7


(TXkenpo1) #8

10 BIl Isk ready

(Frank Kastle) #9

11b isk

(TXkenpo1) #10

11.5 Bil

(Non Actinides) #11

11.5 bill bid accepted. Transfer will start once account is mailed and isk is transferred.

(TXkenpo1) #12

Will transfer isk and account info soon as I get home from work

(Non Actinides) #13

Sounds good. Should be able to start the transfer around 3AM central as long as i have the info/isk by then.

(TXkenpo1) #14

Isk and account info sent, Thank you…

(Non Actinides) #15

Info and isk received. Character transfer initiated. Thank you and enjoy :slight_smile:

(system) #16

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