SOLD 15m SP focused miner/PI pilot

can fly Hulks, use all common ore T2 crystals, some PI skills for that passive income… perfect for your own mining op!

2… count em 2!!! remaps available!

Starting bid 6 bil

B/O 12 bil

contact me on forum post only for offers plz

Happy bidding!

I’ll start you off with 6 bil

8 bil

8.5 B

8.7 B

Appreciate the offers, looking for a bit more.



10 BIl Isk ready

11b isk

11.5 Bil

11.5 bill bid accepted. Transfer will start once account is mailed and isk is transferred.

Will transfer isk and account info soon as I get home from work

Sounds good. Should be able to start the transfer around 3AM central as long as i have the info/isk by then.

Isk and account info sent, Thank you…

Info and isk received. Character transfer initiated. Thank you and enjoy :slight_smile:

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