[Sold] WTS Myself - Rorqual-Pilot 24mio SP

(Miara Jamuai) #1

positiv Wallet
no killrights
no Jumpclones
Location: Amarr
3 Remaps
absolute clear Killboard


bo: 24b

(Captainamazing) #2

18b offer can quick

(Dum spirospero) #3

18,5B - online now

(Doctor Niubility) #4

19b isk is ready.

(Dum spirospero) #5


(Miara Jamuai) #6


I accept bids until Friday when i am at Home again :slight_smile:

(Doctor Niubility) #7

20b here. Isk ready

(Miara Jamuai) #8


(Doctor Niubility) #9

If accept my offer, let me know :rofl: waiting for transfer isk.

(Alexis R3n) #10

21 b bo offer expires in 12 h . isk ready

(Miara Jamuai) #11

I am very very sorry but I have just arrived home. I check the post tomorrow morning and sell to the highest bidder. Good night

(Yuki Domari) #12

22B offer for now, will check tomorrow morning also.

(Sandy Coxx) #13

24 bil bo

(Miara Jamuai) #14

so its over now. highest bidder is Sandy Coxx. please send isk and account and i will start transfer.

(Doctor Niubility) #15

24b´╝îreally a high enough price . Good luck to the owner

(Sandy Coxx) #16

account info and isk sent.

(Miara Jamuai) #17

Thank you very much. Transfer startet!

(Miara Jamuai) #18

Please confirm the receipt of the Charakter. Tnank you :slight_smile:

(system) #19

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