[Sold] WTS Myself - Rorqual-Pilot 24mio SP

positiv Wallet
no killrights
no Jumpclones
Location: Amarr
3 Remaps
absolute clear Killboard


bo: 24b

18b offer can quick

18,5B - online now

19b isk is ready.



I accept bids until Friday when i am at Home again :slight_smile:

20b here. Isk ready


If accept my offer, let me know :rofl: waiting for transfer isk.

21 b bo offer expires in 12 h . isk ready

I am very very sorry but I have just arrived home. I check the post tomorrow morning and sell to the highest bidder. Good night

22B offer for now, will check tomorrow morning also.

24 bil bo

so its over now. highest bidder is Sandy Coxx. please send isk and account and i will start transfer.

24b´╝îreally a high enough price . Good luck to the owner

account info and isk sent.

Thank you very much. Transfer startet!

Please confirm the receipt of the Charakter. Tnank you :slight_smile:

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