[SOLD] WTS 11m SP Indy Pilot with R&D Agents

WTS this toon

Eve skillboard:

Skill points:

4 Remaps available

Location: Ardene - Sinq Laison

No kill rights and positive wallet

T2 builder
Standings for L4 Gal and Min missions
5x High Sec L4 R&D Agents (currently 49k RP on each!)

Once offer or buyout is accepted by confirmation here, please send isk and in game email with account details to transfer pilot to. I will pay for the transfer and post when the 10 hour transfer wait has been initiated.

B/O 8.5b

5b is my offer

Thanks for the offer, however I think Iā€™m worth a bit more than that.

what about 6b ?

6.5 and we have a deal :smiley:

Ill do 6.5b if you confirm :slight_smile:

Sure - I confirm - 6.5b works for me.

Have you gone ahead with the sale? If not I have 6B offer.

Isk and acc mame sent

Received. Account transferred. Many thanks.

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