WTS: 48m SP - Indy, PI, R&D, Cov Ops and more

WTS this toon

Eve skillboard:

Skill points:

2 Remaps available

Location: Bawilan - Sinq Laison

No kill rights and positive wallet

T2 builder
Max Planetary Interaction skills!
Standings for L4 Gal and Min missions
5x L4 R&D Agents available (with current standings)
Gal Cruiser 5
Cov Ops 5
Interceptors 5
Transports ship flyer (Viator/Occator)
Cyno Pilot (Recons available to train)

How much?


Once offer or buyout is accepted by confirmation here, please send isk and in game email with account details to transfer pilot to. I will pay for the transfer and post when the 10 hour transfer wait has been initiated.

34B best offer I can give.



Sorry guys, expecting more than 34-35b

36b offer

thanks for the offer. Let me think on it for a bit :slight_smile:

37 rn

37.5b and I’m all yours…

Bumpedy bump

I’d like to make an offer of 36b. It’s ready to send.

36b deal. Pls send the isk and I will transfer the account.

I’ll confirm in here once the transfer is complete.

ISK and account details sent, thanks!

Transfer initiated. Cheers!

Character received, sale completed, thanks!

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