WTS 32mil SP Pilot - Mining Focused - Dictor & Cov Ops

WTS Myself

EveSkillBoard - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Gstringninja

Skill Points 32,484,433
Extractable Injectors 54

Remaps available immediately - 2 bonus and 1 regular

Located in Pimebeka VIII - Moon 9 - CBD Corporation (NPC Station)

No Killrights, Positive Wallet.

Skill Highlights
• Exhumer 5
• Cybernetics 5
• Reprocessing 5
• Reprocessing Efficiency 5
• All moon mining except ubiquitous to lvl 4
• Other valuable ore harvesting to lvl 4
• Ice Harvesting 5

Once offer or buyout is accepted by confirmation here, send isk and in game email with account details to transfer pilot to. I will pay for the transfer via CCP service and post when the 10 hour transfer wait has been initiated.

B/O at 30 Bil or best offer. Offers start at 20 Bil.

Serious offers only, no lowballing.

bumpy bump

20bn offer

@Khalen_Dahma Offer received, thank you.

Not in a hurry to sell, but if no other offers are received within 24 hours hours from now (1300 Eve time), I will sell to you.


@Business_Mrs Offer received, thank you.

If no other offers are received by 1300 tomorrow, I will sell to you.


He’s all yours for 20.5bil. Send me an in game mail to this character with the account you want him xferred to.

isk and account sent, waiting for character transfer

ISK and in game mail received. Initiating transfer shortly.


transfer initiated

SOLD - Transfer Complete.

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