[SOLD] WTS Hulk Pilot - 12.5M SP - Great Skills

WTS Myself

EveSkillBoard - [https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Nutley_McNutface]

Skill Points 12,550,833

Remaps available immediately.

Located in Jita 4-4 with MX-1005 +5% Mining Yield Implant

No Killrights, Positive Wallet.

Skill Highlights
• Exhumer 5
• Cybernetics 5
• Reprocessing 5
• Reprocessing Efficiency 5
• All moon mining except ubiquitous to lvl 4
• Other valuable ore harvesting to lvl 4
• Ice Harvesting 5

Once offer or buyout is accepted by confirmation here, send isk and in game email with account details to transfer pilot to. I will pay for the transfer via CCP service and post when the 10 hour transfer wait has been initiated.

B/O at 12 Bil or best offer. Offers start at 6 Bil.

Serious offers only, no lowballing.

Daily Bump

Bumpy bump

5bill asap tonight


I am in receipt of your 6bil offer. If it’s not topped within 24 hours, I’ll declare you the winner, Tom.

6.5B ready to send ISK right away. Will go offline in a bit so let me know.

Bidding is open until 1800 Eve time tomorrow.

6.5 is now the top bid.


Back to 6 until 1800 tomorrow.

how much skils left to reach a rorq?

6.25 Billion

6.25 is now the top bid. Auction runs until 1800 today.

62 days to pilot the Rorq hull.

6.5 bil.

I am in receipt of your bid, Tom. 6.5B and bidding is open until 1800 (42 more mins)

Make it 6.75 Bil then

7.1 bil.

Bidding closed. 7.1B Goes to Tom.

I’m online in game. Send isk to this pilot, Eve mail me the account you want the Nutley xferred to and I will begin the process.

Transfer in progress to the account you sent to me via Evemail. Thank you again!

I will update this thread after the 10 hour waiting period is complete.

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