WTS - Hulk Pilot + Good Resource Processing Skills - SOLD

WTS Myself

EveSkillBoard - [https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Janine_Loutte ]

Skill Points 15,623,123

Remaps available immediately: 1

Located in Jita

No Killrights, Positive Wallet.

Once offer or buyout is accepted by confirmation here, send isk and in game email with account details to transfer pilot to. I will pay for the transfer via CCP service and post when the 10 hour transfer wait has been initiated.

B/O at 10Bil or best offer. Offers start at 8.5 Bil.

Serious offers only, no lowballing.

8b offer


8,2B isk

Thanks for the offers

leading offer is 8.2B Isk

Sale will Run Till Tomorrow Night 20:00 Hrs Uk Time

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I’ll give your buyout 10B

**SOLD **

Fee: 10.2B Isk To AntonIvan

**Awaiting Transfer Of Isk **

To : Janine Loutte

Transfer Will Be Started Soon Has Funds Have Been Received

I’ll pay right now 10,2 b

AntonIvan if you want i am willing to sell to you as i am after a fast sale and jbm is not online

I’m ready

Awaiting transfer of isk

Please send in game mail of account to send character too :slight_smile:

Account info and isk send

Isk Received: 10.2B

Character Transfer: Started In Progress

Thank You Very Much


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