Selling this character
Logi 5 trig cruiser 5
mid grade Amulet set
Improved set
trig guns to large spec 4
good armor and shield skills
good engineering skills
Good start on drone skills
The character being sold gets the isk
In an Npc corp
In empire space docked in Amarr
Disintigrator too large spec 4
Amarr Interceptor
Starting bid 19 bil
Will not sell to skill extractors.
T2 rep drones

17b offer

18b offer

Great Pilot

Offer 19.3B today.

Awesome pilot

20 bil and its a deal

Deal. Will send isk in 10 mins.

ISK Sent, awaiting Transfer.

Isk recieved with account info. Transfer has begun and you should have her in 10 hours. Thanks

Mail recieved, Thankyou

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