Logi/PI, Mostly UNPLAYED Alt., Implants, Skins, No Kill Rights, No Clones. Has “V” base pilot skills could be anything. Wallet Positive. Located: Rens

Price: 26 Billion Bid

Yearly Remap + 2 Remaps + Skills PWD: MOCB

Nice Basilik (Logi) Skins + Implants

25 bil

25.5B ISK ready

Not broke, not in a hurry, won’t accept low ball bids.



And up with you!



Up with you.

Up you go


25.5b :ok_hand:

Accepted @Legit_Salesgirl for 25.5 bill

I’m west coast US so I will check in an hour and then not till tomorrow.

ISK and Account info sent ty

ISK Received and transfer begun…

@Legit_Salesgirl He is gone from my account so I guess you got him.

yep received ty :ok_hand:

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