[WTS] Perfect Incursion LOGI 31.78M sp [SOLD]

(Rebrov PTR) #1

As metioned perfect character to run Incursions as Logi as you can see from the overview:


Yearly remap available + 1 bonus remap

Two Jump clones, both in high sec 1 located at Amarr and the other one in Keberz (0.5)

The first one with a Mid-grade slave set from alfa to omega + ES-703 + EM-803
The second one with 4 Improved implants(all beside charisma’s one) + EO-606 + ES-706

Starting bid 15 b

0 isk in the wallet, no kills rights positive security status and it is in an NPC corp, all CCP rules applied.

(clearnow) #2


(Gravel Arnst) #3

22 bil, isk ready, online now

(Rebrov PTR) #4

PG sold after the ISK transfer ill start the transfering process to the target account

(Gravel Arnst) #5

Isk and Account name sent awaiting confirmation. Thank you

(Rebrov PTR) #6

Character transfer just started, thanks.

(Gravel Arnst) #7

Awesome appreciate your quick response, look forward to it.

(Gravel Arnst) #8

Character has 25,287,000 skill points not 31,000,000. Character sold under false pretenses. Please return isk asap. Please apply penalties per ccp rules. Thank you.

(CCP Phantom) #9

(CCP Phantom) #10

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