[WTS] Perfect Incursion LOGI 31.78M sp [SOLD]

As metioned perfect character to run Incursions as Logi as you can see from the overview:


Yearly remap available + 1 bonus remap

Two Jump clones, both in high sec 1 located at Amarr and the other one in Keberz (0.5)

The first one with a Mid-grade slave set from alfa to omega + ES-703 + EM-803
The second one with 4 Improved implants(all beside charisma’s one) + EO-606 + ES-706

Starting bid 15 b

0 isk in the wallet, no kills rights positive security status and it is in an NPC corp, all CCP rules applied.


22 bil, isk ready, online now

PG sold after the ISK transfer ill start the transfering process to the target account

Isk and Account name sent awaiting confirmation. Thank you

Character transfer just started, thanks.

Awesome appreciate your quick response, look forward to it.

Character has 25,287,000 skill points not 31,000,000. Character sold under false pretenses. Please return isk asap. Please apply penalties per ccp rules. Thank you.

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