WTS 30m sp Hel/Nidhoggur Ratting/pvp

(Ban She) #1

pass 1234

Actual SP is 29,866,119
Minmatar carrier 5
Shield focused tank
Drones/Fighters almost perfect
All skills adjusted for shield carrier/mothership pvp or pve

Positive wallet status,
no any killrights.
in npc corp
will be in jita 4-4

ALL CCP rights recerved.
I will pay transfer fee.

min price 27bil
Buyout is 30bil

Im not hurry with selling.

(Brock Khans) #2


(Zazzel Blackthorn) #3

24 bil

(Black dress Baby) #4


(Black dress Baby) #5

27B B/O transfer now ok?

(Ban She) #6

sorry for missunderstood, i added buyout price. Didnt expect so fast attention

(Black dress Baby) #7

27B OK?

(Ban She) #8

if it will be the highest price that I will see here for some next days, I will write to you

(Black dress Baby) #9

I realy want you char, if you can transfer now,I can offer 30B

(Ban She) #10

I can transfer now, no problem. Send me money and account info and I will initiate transferring

(Black dress Baby) #11

OK!hold on

(Black dress Baby) #14

30b has already been transfered to Ban She, and also eve-mail my account to Ban She, now, waiting for your tranfering character. Best wishes to you bro.

(Ban She) #15

money received. Starting transferring process to your account, that you sent me in email 15:01 Eve time.

(Ban She) #16

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Luca Lafreniere

Will be completed after: 5/22/2018 1:11:13 AM

Thank you for fast buying! Good luck in the eve space!

(Black dress Baby) #17

copy that , just wait :slight_smile:

(Ban She) #18

Character transferring complete

(Big Bear Lucky) #19

31b I want to buy…

(Ban She) #20

Character SOLD.

(Big Bear Lucky) #21

HI,I want buy this, I can pay more ISK to buy ,Do you have the intention to sell it to me

(system) #22

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