DREAD and TITAN pilot for sale

(Amelia Fenrir) #1


im selling myself

would like 20bill

or nearest offer

contact me here or my main kiloalpha

(Alocose) #2

Price agreed in game awaiting conformation on forum. Will send isk and account info after conformation

(Amelia Fenrir) #3

price ingame agreed …

i will send character to the account u send me . in about 5 hours when lazy wife comes back from spending my hard earnt wages

(Alocose) #4

ISK and account info sent

(Amelia Fenrir) #5

info and isk received … will send in 5 hours

(Treyski) #6

got a deal and a half on this one if you paid 20bil…

will offer 1bil more

(Alocose) #7

Just checking in, when we agreed on the sale you said you would send the character in 5 hours. its been over 8 hours, when can I expect the transfer to be initiated?

(Alocose) #9

I saw your in game mail, please keep me updated on the transfer, thank you

(Alocose) #10

I have received conformation from CCP that the transfer process has been initiated. I will confirm on the bazaar once I have received the character

(system) #11

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