[WTS]88MIL SP character

Offer me thx


I will wait a bit let see if more ppl interested


will u consider 83b?
I got plenty of assets worth around 3b


83Bil buy out anyone
Great pilot

daily bumpy

i take her for 83bil

84 billion isk right here

U got it
But I m at work
Could u please wait 12hours so I can back home

K I’m ready when you are

ok offer accepted
will send my character 5hours later
i m at work again

Titan i m waiting for your isk😁

ISK and account info sent! Great doing business with you!

will send char when i back home

Looks like you are home with all the forum posts I’m seeing. Can you start the transfer now?

i m not yet home
can start transfer in an hour
sorry for the late😭


Thank you very much and have a great night! I’ll post when I get a confirmation email and I receive it.

Edit: confirmation email received