WTS 5,35M SP Character

(Josephine Arnst) #1

Hey im selling myself :slight_smile:


NPC corp
Located in highsec
Positive wallet
Neutral sec status
No kill right

Start: 4 bil
B/O: 4.5 bil

(Josephine Arnst) #2


(Josephine Arnst) #3


(Kentaro Smith) #4

4.5bill B/O

(Kentaro Smith) #5

Sorry but i withdraw my offer.

(Josephine Arnst) #6


(Josephine Arnst) #7


(Josephine Arnst) #8


(Brenin Kane) #9

4.5 B/O

(Josephine Arnst) #10

Sold to you sir. Send isk and Destination Account Infos via Mail:)

(Brenin Kane) #11

Sorry bout that was sleeping when you answered sent you the Isk and the mail with the account for the sale ty :slight_smile:

(Brenin Kane) #12

josephin did you set it up to xfer yet ?

(Josephine Arnst) #13

I will initiate Character Transfer in few hours. Need to go to work right now. :slight_smile:

(Brenin Kane) #14

okie dokie ty :slight_smile:

(Josephine Arnst) #15

Character transfer initiated :slight_smile:. Ty for trading, gl & hf, fly safe

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