Please close, no longer selling

Just over 5.2m SP, with implants, super trading focussed. This is an old character and looking to restart so no longer needed.

High sec, in NPC corp, positive ISK balance, no kill rights.

All CCP rules apply. Min bid 4.5bn, buyout 6bn. Will sell to highest bidder 24 hours after first bid received at the latest.

Welcome Back!
New characters can now start with approx. 2m SP (between buddy codes and starter packs), with monthly points events adding another 500k to 1m, so nearing your 4m in Trade, and this character has no standings to assist with trade. Those factors considered, you could possibly get 3.5 to 4.2b, if someone were in the market specifically for a trade character at the time of your listing.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

if you wanna sell ill give you 4.5 for it

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Let me read up on the rules for selling, might need to transfer assets to my main char etc. But could be tempted, give me a few hours to sort it out. Being Xmas Day and all, might be tomorrow before it’s ready!

Ok character is now ready for sale, see initial post for confirmation

Bump :slight_smile:

4 bil

Sorry min bid is 4.5b as stated in the initial post


Sorry I have closed the thread

if you change your mind mail me i can do 5

Sure can you message me in game re training plan in the mean time?

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