[CANCELLED} WTB Trade Character

I want to buy a character with good Trade Skills. The character cannot have negative standing to either the Gallente or the Minmatar (one or the other).

Budget is 20 bil.

All CCP Rules apply

Character must be in highsec at time of sale

Post link to character sheet below

I’ll entertain all offers, let me see what you’ve got!

Daily Bump

I’m up for sale, can’t link to eveskillboard atm… (it cant connect to ESI it says)
will link when I can, but:
No standing issues
corp management 5, dpilomatic relations 5, megacorp management 5, all trade skills 5 except corp contracting, which is 4 and customs code expertise which is not even injected.

Sounds promising, I’ll take a look when they get their issues sorted.

Ok, here we go: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Newo_Asanari

I evemailed you an offer.

Accepted offer. All ccp rules to be adhered to.

Trade transfer will be by plex.
or not guess ccp removed that option…
guess ill pay with my hard earned reallife welfar monies
Awaiting isk and acct name.

actually sorry nvm, now that you cannot transfer with plex not worth my rlm

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