/ sold /

/ sold /

24 bill

32, sorry.

Nah, sorry, good luck with the sales.

Accept 28?

26 bill

27 and we do it right now.

26.5 now =)

lol its cheap anyway:P ok, please assist me with the procedure im not sure how you do it.

i send the isk to your char, then u transfer the isk and all assets to another char, then u go to account page and at bottom u can find the service transfer character, you pay 20USD, and then in a few mis we both receive an email confirming the sale with a 10 hour delay. Thats is.

Did you accept my offer?

yes. lets do it then.

isk and info sent

oke it will take 10 mins to transfer some stuff .

tell me if everything is ok.

Did u start the transfer?

yes, i payed 20 bucks

I received the confirmation email. Thank you for a smooth transaction.

thank you as well, good day.

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