WTS 81m SP Focused subcap PVE/PVP goddess

For sale are a total of 5 characters, but the new forum won´t allow me more than two links so here I am spamming 5 different threads.
I am well aware of the extraction values, any bids below the respective starting bids I´ll simply ignore. All auctions end at 8pm UTC Wednesday, if the minimum bid is not met they´ll go into the grinder.

All toons have positive Sec Status, positive wallets and are sat in Jita.

Alexia Gengod
SP 81,309,771 (550k unallocated)
Remaps: Yes, one bonus

Alexia makes for a great main toon, in both PVE and PVP. There´s very very few things she can´t do or fly. She got plenty of moneymaking capabilities and is absolutely deadly. If you don´t want to worry about doctrines or FOTM ratting ships, this is your girl.


  • Subcap - Can fly essentially all subcaps to great efficiency (minus Industrials)
  • FC/Booster Skills
  • Fantastic Core and Support skills, near perfect Capacitor skills
  • Fantastic Gunnery, Missile and Drone skills
  • Tengu / Proteus all V, flies Vargur/Kronos
  • Logi/Recon/Covops V, Marauder/CD/CS/EAS/HAC/HIC/DIC IV

Value: 73b (as per today on http://www.eve-appraiser.com)
Starting Bid 66b
B/O 75b

Look for Alexia Gengod, bredforwar, Laura Morphias, Samwise Gengod and Maria Raholan for more fantastic toons!


70b isk offer.Isks will be ready in 8-9 days from this message

Thank you, I´ll consider it even though this is a long time.
Also received a 67b bid ingame

75 B/O, sending isk and info?

accepted, give me like an hour after funds received to get the transfer going

Money and info send

Funds received, transfer is underway. Thanks for the business :slight_smile:

I see transfer start. Thanks and good luck :wink: