WTS 81m SP Focused subcap PVE/PVP goddess

(Alexia Gengod) #1

For sale are a total of 5 characters, but the new forum won´t allow me more than two links so here I am spamming 5 different threads.
I am well aware of the extraction values, any bids below the respective starting bids I´ll simply ignore. All auctions end at 8pm UTC Wednesday, if the minimum bid is not met they´ll go into the grinder.

All toons have positive Sec Status, positive wallets and are sat in Jita.

Alexia Gengod
SP 81,309,771 (550k unallocated)
Remaps: Yes, one bonus

Alexia makes for a great main toon, in both PVE and PVP. There´s very very few things she can´t do or fly. She got plenty of moneymaking capabilities and is absolutely deadly. If you don´t want to worry about doctrines or FOTM ratting ships, this is your girl.


  • Subcap - Can fly essentially all subcaps to great efficiency (minus Industrials)
  • FC/Booster Skills
  • Fantastic Core and Support skills, near perfect Capacitor skills
  • Fantastic Gunnery, Missile and Drone skills
  • Tengu / Proteus all V, flies Vargur/Kronos
  • Logi/Recon/Covops V, Marauder/CD/CS/EAS/HAC/HIC/DIC IV

Value: 73b (as per today on http://www.eve-appraiser.com)
Starting Bid 66b
B/O 75b

Look for Alexia Gengod, bredforwar, Laura Morphias, Samwise Gengod and Maria Raholan for more fantastic toons!

(Alexia Gengod) #2


(Darkness Yassavi) #3

70b isk offer.Isks will be ready in 8-9 days from this message

(Alexia Gengod) #4

Thank you, I´ll consider it even though this is a long time.
Also received a 67b bid ingame

(Maks Kazius) #5

75 B/O, sending isk and info?

(Alexia Gengod) #6

accepted, give me like an hour after funds received to get the transfer going

(Maks Kazius) #7

Money and info send

(Alexia Gengod) #8

Funds received, transfer is underway. Thanks for the business :slight_smile:

(Maks Kazius) #9

I see transfer start. Thanks and good luck :wink: