WTS 94M (900k Unallocated) Focused PvP Subcap Toon

(Tali Lyrae) #1

Selling this beauty.

Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Tali_Lyrae
Pass: sale1234

  • All Races to battleship V
  • All Races Subsystems V
  • All Races T3 Destroyer V
  • Interceptors V
  • Logistics V
  • All Subcap T2 / T3 IV
  • All Weapon Systems (Projectile, Hybrid, Lazor, Missiles) Up to Large V
  • All Turret Support Skills V
  • All Drones up to Heavy / Sentries V
  • Cybernetics V
  • Astrometrics V
  • Leadership + Support Skills V
  • 900k Unallocated SP
  • Positive Wallet
  • No Kill Rights
  • 0.0 Sec Status
  • Located In Jita 4-4
  • NPC Corp

Bidding Starts at 80B
Buyout 90B

Buyout / Bidding Lowered.

(Tali Lyrae) #2


(Maizie Fields) #3

70 bil

(Tali Lyrae) #4

Bidding starts at 80B, Bump!

(Darkness Yassavi) #5

90bn b/o ( If no other offers) Want to wait 14-21 days. Your character completely suits me

(Darkness Yassavi) #6

please confirm that your char still for sale

(Tali Lyrae) #7

Apologies, I was in Vegas for the weekend but I’m back now. Yes it is still for sale, if after 14-21 days she’s still not sold she’s all yours.

(Darkness Yassavi) #8

I will ready faster than 14-21 days.Maybe 5-10 :slight_smile: And yes,you can accept any other bid. My offer 90bn b/o

(Hera Abandon) #9

Offer 95b/o if sold now

(Hera Abandon) #10

Do you accept my offer of 95bil? =)

(Tali Lyrae) #11

Offer Accepted, currently I’m at work but I can begin transfer today around 2:30 PST, is that acceptable?

(Hera Abandon) #12

Well yea, its 11pm Cest then but thats okey for me, i will send you the 95 bil to Tali Lyrae so you only need to start the transfer then. Thank you!

(Hera Abandon) #13

I will also send a mail with the account name.

(Tali Lyrae) #14

Perfect sounds good, I will reply here when the transfer is started.

(Hera Abandon) #15

Money sent.

(Hera Abandon) #16

Hey, have you started yet? I am waiting for you to go to bed. =)

(Hera Abandon) #17

Hey what is going on? It’s now 16 hours ago.

(Hera Abandon) #18

If you dont responde today i will need to Tell ccp About this. Sorry!

(Darkness Yassavi) #19

If you will not sell the toon to Hera, I offer 90b.Good luck anyway

(Hera Abandon) #20

I already Sent tHe money and no response watsoever