WTS 49 Mil+ SP PVP Character

Great character for Subcap PVP, most core skills at 5.
Comes with about 46m SP, along with 3m unallocated SP so you can further customize to your liking.


Location: Jita
Wallet: Positive
Security status: -0.6
No kill rights
In NPC Corp

Implants: current clone has a full set of Genos, 2 jump clones have low grade snakes (one does not have the omega). Slots 7-10 are also filled. At least 1 bil worth of implants here. Jump clones are located in low sec.

Comes with over a billion ISK worth of applied skins. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Looking to start bids at 34 Billion.
Will sell immediately at 40 billion.

i will ues 36b

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That sounds fine to me


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