Wts 28.8mill sp pvp/pve char


-Located in jita
-Npc corp,transfer ready
-no kill right and positive wallet
-1 j.clone in npc nullsec +5 implant set
-2 remap

Price:Good offer


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i offer 20B

Thanks the offer.I want a little more.

so,22B?Or do you feel the right price?

25bill I want for it



Hi Sir,
I can take it for 25B
Implants clone is in NPC null ? Any way to move it to a nearby High Sec station ?


25bill offer accepted.pls send isk and mail acc name.
+5 implant set clone located 1H4V-0 -stain npc station.Lowsec 5 jump.

25 B ISK sent

For some reason i cannot sent you an in game email :


Destination account for the character has been communicated to Thorvirn via IG convo instead.


i start transfer.Please confirm it

Character has been received.