WTA 258M SP PvP God

This character is excellent for solo, fleet, small gang, and capital/supercapital operations. Doesn’t leave much to desire for PvP: Some untrained very recent skills can be maxxed out by the 7.1 M unallocated SP. No SP wasted on stuff unrelated to PvP. Has flown in Alliance Tournaments and has medals for those.

  • Positive wallet
  • +3.6 security status
  • No kill rights
  • 8 jump clones with more or less expensive implants (MG amulets, MG talismans, HG amulets, MG snakes)
  • Located at Jita station
  • In NPC corp
  • 258M SP out of which 7.1 M are unallocated
  • Friends all around the galaxy
  • Starting bid 200B ISK
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200b buyout

205b offer

206b offer as buyout. I have another deal that I may close so whichever comes first.

You better go with that other one, as I’ll wait a bit for higher offers. 206 is pretty low for this char.

Maybe you should have started with a higher start bid than 200b.

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It is a free market. Let’s see how this goes and where it will lead. Seller is not in a rush. I am not in a rush either. Also one important question: where are the implanted clones located?

Hey, yes, that’s important:

  • MG Amulet clone is in Airaken
  • HG Amulet clone is in Korama
  • +5 learning implant clone is in Odebeinn
  • LG Talisman clone is in Teonusude
  • MG Snake clone is in Teshkat
    Other, cheap clones are in Obe, 6NJ8-V VI and 6NJ8-V VII

Ok. Looks good to me. I will raise my offer to 210b since the clones are accessible.

212 b offer

212b is the highest offer, I will close the auction on Saturday

I was interested but:

for a PVP God.
:: low gunnery skills
:: 2 dreads level 5 but gunnery cap skills not maxed (T1 level4) a little bit inconsistent
:: no titan skills at all (but that not mandatory for a so called God I guess)
:: fighters skills not maxed
:: burst projector not max for supers… ok only 50+ day to be fair
:: JF and freighter skills (not an issue) but 100% pvp spec…= sometime you need a freighter after structure bashing I guess
:: Capital Ships level IV …

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213b offer

220b bo

222b bo