198M -156 + 42 M unallocated- sp pvp god with clean corp history

210 billion or 60,000 plex - Please see your updated EvE Mail and let me know

Thanks for your ingame offer.
For the sake of clarity, please specify here that your 210 B offer is about a september payment, and not a 210B offer right now avaliable, otherwise my reserve would have been met and end of sale initiated.

In my country there is a saying : Better one “take this” than two “you’ll have it” and I stand by this for now.

I consider 190B still leading as it’s difficult for me to see the point of waiting two additional months for a slightly better gain.

Thanks for your interest in the toon though, there is still probably a month until I sell the toon for 190B if my reserve isnt met by then, so maybe use this time to have available isk for outbidding.


So 190 B is leading offer by Pneumora Tiberius
200B starts a one week end of sale
220B is buy/out.

As discussed on EvEmail,

My offer is 280 billion for this toon,

Half payment made on the 29th of this month and the rest at the end of August the 26th.

80,000 plex or Isk Equivalent (minus sales tax etc)

If you agree to the discussed terms ingame then we have a deal

i wil do this when i get in from work, be online around 18:00 GMT ( i think thats 17:00 eve)

if i cant i will send evemail through phone - ingame (This has been done)

Can you confirm that your happy with my terms as stated in the email, first payment using isk/plex will be done on the morning of the 29th

Purchasing and sales

1. Down-payment plans are not supported by CCP Customer Support. As a seller, you are agreeing to a certain amount of ISK only, which is to be paid in one payment. Once again, any forms of scams regarding character sales are strictly prohibited.
2. Agreements on the forums or in game, or winning an auction does not guarantee a character will be transferred to you. The seller may choose to renege on a deal at any time, prior to the transaction being completed.

Customer Support do not support this, and therefore i doubt they will help you if something goes wrong. Sell like this at ur own risk.

I have agreed with the seller to do a 2-part payment plan, I’m acknowledging that i will not take receipt of the character until full payment has been received. we have both agreed to this, if the seller wants to revoke, he is well within his rights to do this.

I have sent him detailed information of what’s going to happen and when (EvEmail), and at the moment he his happy with the terms we have both agreed, i have also agreed to be absolutely transparent, regarding this delicate transaction. due to the large sums of Isk / Plex involved (that i will be getting with RL Money from the EvE Website)

Everything will be logged within eve, to protect both parties involved.
As myself and the original owner want this to go through without any issues

Once first payment is issued to the seller, it will be logged in an EvEmail to both parties and noted on this thread for Clarity.

The reason for the 280 billion isk Buyout, is partly due to the part payments (for the inconvenience)

First part payment made, please check and verify
37,000 of 80,000 plex

please check contract - i can see that you have accepted the contract for 37,000 plex @ 12:54:54pm
(please verify and acknowledge on this thread if you don’t mind)

Screenshot of contract and acceptance of contract to be attached when I get home from work

Plex received
37k/80k plex payment done

Auction is obviously over, Adele Allard secured the deal with the first payment.
Thanks to everyone who showed interest in my toon.

LoL 80 K Plex is approx 320 bil isk

The buyer has been doomed lol

He surely isint worth more than 140-170 bil isk

2mins silence for the buyer

i’m only paying for the equivalent of 280 billion and nothing more / less

(ive already paid around 140, which i half of the amount required)

Like i said before if the Seller (my mistake i said buyer before) wants to send me the plex back he is more than welcome to do so, I’ve already got a screenshot of the estimated value of the above plex.

wait you are the buyer or seller ?

i’m the buyer

then why do you talk like the seller

Apologies i meant the seller, ive purchased 40,000 plex this morning and transfered 37,000 to the character above, with the value of around 140 billion.

We have both agreed to 280 billion in total (in game email)

If either i want to pull out of it or the “buyer” we have both agreed we can at any stage

Looks very suspicious this deal and the way you talk

anyways i dont care and gl

Really, i think i’m being 100% transparent with the forum thread, the seller “above” with internal emails as well as keeping the thread up to date, but thank you for your concern and input

P.S don’t care if you “think” its suspicious, we have both agreed to 280 billion i’m happy to be buying it for that and the seller is happy to get that value for him, we are both happy with the end result.

This thread and in-game email will be updated again at the end of August.

will check in later in the month (this post is to prevent the thread from closing)