2 65m sp pilots looking for a home

So looking at getting back to null sec, I would love some crabbing to help isk flow but also pvp fleets when I am not crabbing. I am an older gamer and tend to get drunk on coms so yeah… I just want a fun group.
Main Char:
Black ops, Marauders, Carrier +super, Dreads Nag and Rev, Fax Apo, Very well trained in sub caps
Carrier +super T2, Dread Rev and Phoneix T2, Fax all classes (not maxed), JF Ark, decent sub cap skills

Hey Krackenn,

I think we would be a really good fit for you, i would love the opportunity to speak with you.
I see some skills you can flex and I’d love to have that.

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Hey Kreckenn,

I think we’d be a good fit for you. We live in 0.0 and have various opportunities to help members make isk besides rorq mining or super ratting (although those are available too). We’re comfortable with a drunken old fart on comms providing he likes to sing the odd song to keep us entertained.

One of our members got so drunk recently he flew about 30 jump challenging everyone in local to a fight at the sun in his…pod lol.

If you fancy a chat hop on our discord - https://discord.gg/4WfMQHYcBt

Hey whats up man come check us we may be a good fit. Free booze on us ■■■■ even pizza!

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