2 Alpha Players LF PvE CORP

We are 2 alpha players looking for a corp that will suit our style. EU timezones, active everyday.
Please provide the following if commenting:

Buyback program and % :
Do you have a ship replacement program?
Mining fleets?
PvP fleets?
Provide free ships and blueprints?
Voice coms? If yes, provide a link.
Based where?
SP requirements?


Buyback program and % : yes we have and 10%
Do you have a ship replacement program: not at the moment, we are working on it
Mining fleets: yes
PvP fleets: yes
Provide free ships and blueprints: not at the moment, we are working on it
Voice coms: https://discord.gg/GTDV9E we are using discord
Based where: we are based in a wormhole C4 type with a c4 and c2 static
SP requirements: newbro friendly so no requirements needed

for more informations join the discord or search for interstellar central technologies up on eve for more informations aoubt who and what we are
Fly safe o7

Creed jain

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