2 players looking to learn the way of EVE

We are two EU based players looking to learn (Relearn) EVE. One of us brand new, the other 60 mill SP but lapsed for 4 years (Much has changed). Initially we will be running Alpha clones while we dip our toes into the game.)

We would like to join a friendly EU based Corp that heavily uses voice comm’s for banter. Initially we need to learn / relearn the combat mechanics so primarily looking for a Corp that will guide and support our journey to becoming good combat pilots. Running missions and maybe small ship encounters. Neither of us are into the industry side of the game but will support the Corp when needed as long as most of our time is spent burning ammo.

Please get in touch if you think we will fit. Perhaps a mission running Corp but open to suggestions.

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Can i recommend EVE G-O-A-T-S
They in the same alliance as me and have another guy relearning pvp. They good fun to fly with and laugh off loses, so you can relearn stress free.

Here is their recruitment post

Hello, I just re-launched eve my self about a month ago.

We are looking for new people to build something better and meet knew friends.

can message me in game or join .RA Recruitment channel if you’re interested.

See your ingame mail :smiley:

hey bro check us out Knights of the Posing Meat [FETID] is recruiting again! if you like what you see join our public chat o7

I wish I saw your advert earlier!

Poppazzard, I’m Khadria Ulutek, Director of recruitment for…

We specialise in helping alpha newbros getting set up in New Eden! While you are obviously NOT a newbro, we can definitely get the rust shaken off and turn you into a lean, mean missioning machine (I’m a mission runner and Wormhole diver personally). We also have a cadre of folk that specialise in other areas that may interest you too (hey, you never know :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Reach out to me in game, or hit up our “Club Zer0 Pub” chat to speak with our people.

We’d love to have you :slight_smile:

Khadria Ulutek

Thankyou for the replies guys and gals. As soon as all the Xmas family stuff is out of the way, I will get back in touch. Thanks and Merry Xmas

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