2 x May 2003 characters for sale, low SP

Okay, if there are no more bids 24H from this post I’m making now, then Bvlgari is the winner. Thanks!

Muhmra and NRS644 , 7 billion isk each, together 14 billion isk.

14.5 Billion for both, Muhmra and NRS644

Muhmra and NRS644 , 7,5 billion isk each, together 15 billion isk.

Friedricer, auction is over. It’s been 24 hours since his post and I had the highest bid. Waiting for details fro him.

TS if you have a character from 2003 - 2005, without a corporate history and name for example a “mintatar citizen xxx”, I will buy him at once! If a similar Galent or Caldari character - I will think.

I wlll pay 8B each.

The auction is over according to his post regarding. I had the last bid after that 24 hour post which ended on Dec 24th at 10:27 PM. Awaiting account details to send ISK.

Hi Bvlgari, sorry but Friedricers next bid was within 24h from my post, it just says 2 days now because the forum has truncated the time elapsed.

I said if there are no more bids within 24h from my post the auction would stop, but there were new bids within that period so it will continue. Sorry for any confusion.

But it wasn’t, if you hover over the “2d” you see exactly what time it was posted, which was… Dec 23rd 10:27 PM

My last bid was Dec 24th 9:05 PM

His last bid Dec 25th 11:11 AM

How is that within 24 hours?

And I know this to be true because I was making sure to bid before those 24 hours were up.

Please take a look and you’ll see exactly when the bids were placed. I had the last bid within 24 hrs of that post.

Hi Bvlgari, sorry but I think you misunderstood a little, please read my post very carefully.

I said “if there are no more bids 24H from this post I’m making now” then you would win with your previous bid. However Friedricer made a new bid only 32 minutes later - so the auction continued as normal.

It was not a 24H limit on all remaining bids from my post - something to this effect would have been worded quite differently. Sorry for the confusion again. Peace.

8.25 B for Muhmra

8.25 billion isk for NRS644

16.95 Billion for NRS644 and Muhmra

This got too rich for my blood. My offers are retracted.

17 billion isk for NRS644 and Muhmra together

17.4 Billion for both NRS644 and Muhmra

Okay, if no one ups the bid within 24h, Bvulgari will win. If someone does bid - the auction will continue a while longer.


p.s. my other character Doppler is up for sale again due to the previous buyer pulling out: WTS this May 2003 Char (name:Doppler)

Sold to Bvlgari! Please contact me in game and we’ll arrange the details, thanks very much.

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