No longer for sale

chahracter no longer for sale please delete

Show me the password

1234 password


22b B/O

23 b…


Thanks for the bumps guys but these aren’t real bids :slight_smile:

24 and a kiss)

Thanks darling,but I’m happily married. :wink:

Then 24 and a strawberry tea party for you and your beloved)
24 is all i have and a character is so lovely…

extraction profit alone is 27b wtf is wrong with these bidders

28b .

Getting closer to the starting bid thank you ladies and gents for your interest.

Have an in game offer for 38B isk. This character will be for sale until wednesday the 14th. At which point highest bidder will win. Looking like this guy!

38B for this toon lmfao ok.


Thank you for the bump but someone has outbid you :slight_smile:


Bump! For the day

30 bil