2003 clean toon

its this char so can check me ingame has under 1mil sp. Never been in a corp would like to get some pc. Seen toons like this go for some billions.

how much SP?

just started training the first yeasterday so under 1mil

have to say ccp should just take this price check out of market as it sucks

Its hard to do any pc until you’ve provide with your skills layout. Otherwise its pure clean 500,000 of SP cost 800m isk in form of injector.

The character has no skills. It is only value is a 2003 birthday.

Sorry OP, not sure you are going to get an accurate number. A novelty character like that is only worth what someone will pay for it. Pick a number, throw it up on the Bazaar and see if there is anyone who wants it.

as it stated it’s under 1m sp’s means u can’t strip those but you shouldn’t ignore their value.

Of course you should. 1M is a week or two of training beyond the ~300k everyone starts with now. To transfer a character costs the equivalent a month or two of training depending on who you do it meaning a character with 1M SP is worthless no matter where it was trained. The only value this character has is in the creation date and any negotiation over price will be for that feature, not how a measly million SP has been allocated.

What’s the demand for a 2003 character with a less-than-desireable name? I have no idea and I don’t think anyone else really does either. My guess is the answer is ‘no market at all’ but it doesn’t hurt to pick a number and see if there is any interest.

it’s major valu in dob and coll name if any + clear history + sp, so basically doesn’t matter what is 1M in terms of time training since they are already there and as i said such toons go not less than 3.0b ish :wink:


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