2007 era ships with legacy slot layouts

Looking for a price check on some old legacy fit/rigged ships:

  • Hurricane with 6x T2 Autocannons, 2x Medium Nosferatus, and 3x Large Armor Rigs (8 high slots and 3 oversized rigs)
  • Typhoon with 4x Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Torpedo Launchers and 4x Large Solace Scoped Remote Armor Repairers (8 high slots)
  • Rupture with 4x T2 Autocannons and 2x Small Gremlin Neuts (6 high slots)
  • Jaguar with 3x T2 Autocannons and 1x ‘Limos’ Rocket Launcher (3 turret hardpoints)
  • Vigil with 1x Small Armor Rep and 2x Cap Power Relays (3 low slots)
  • Vigil with 1x Inertial Stabilizer and 2x Nanofibers (3 low slots)

You know you can’t use ships with wrong slots fitted right?

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Nope, only collectors value
tried to sell mine, no takers

what you have in mind on a package price ?

I’m not sure tbh, I put this in price checks to see what kinda collectors value these ships had. The Hurricane at least should be fairly rare since it’s got both the old slot layout and oversized rigs

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