2012 107m main looking for C5 corp, or null?

Looking for a c5 corp for fights and isk making to fund fights. Cap pilots on two characters 100m sp+. Have ten other accounts with three characters each with varying degrees of training.

Have some experience FCing wormhole / smallgang fights. Experienced in incursion FCing for if a sov system gets invaded. More experience with nullsec pvp and saving tackled rorquals. Wouldn’t mind being hired or recruited by a null bloc to create / train / run nullsec home defense fleet (including counter drops and srp incentives), as I have experience with that.

Hit me up either here or in mails.

No Imperium: currently blacklisted and cannot get it lifted. Sorry.

Hi there Aay jay…

I know you are looking for wh space but if you can consider an 100% independent pvp group operating from venal and just want to have fun without all the bulls**t of sov warfare or blue doughnut please make sure to join our discord below for a chat


Sounds like you have a lot to offer in a small gang environment which is something Id love to talk to you about.

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Greetings mate . We are basically a chilled bull corp of industrialist with teeth. So we like to shoot stuff too. The training in pvp would come in hand for our new/incoming players. If you interested plz take a look

Our null corp would love to have you

Cant, blacklisted from GSF.

Ah ok , fair enough , good luck with the search

ure more then welcome lets have a chat

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