2018 TIS Most Influential Awards

(Spandex Rage) #21

A) Asher Elias

B) Goonswarm Federation

(Black Pedro) #22

A) @James_315 for tirelessly producing the long-running website minerbumping.com, the only Eve blog/news site that still puts out Eve-related content on a daily basis and has been visited millions of times.

B) The New Order of HIghsec, or perhaps better highsec criminals in general, for running broad outreach programs to interact with the most vulnerable members of the Eve community in danger of being bored out of the game, or sent down a short-lived and unfulfilling solo highsec mining/missioning career. Their steadfast efforts, fighting the oppressive mechanics and trying to make content and spread interactions in the most lifeless sector of space, should be lauded, as with the large, headline grabbing events such as this year’s Burn Jita they organize.

Both this player and these groups have interacted with and influenced thousands, upon thousands of Eve Players this year, and therefore should be considered for this prestigious award.

(Warden Myrddin) #23

A) Warden Myrddin
B) Warden Radio live stream

(ir0cKz) #24

A) Warden Myrddin
B) Warden Radio live stream

(Pretty Girl Cloakyeyes) #25

A) GigX for the best of drama 2018 (and 2017, and 2016, and also before). He’s been a major force of chaos in almost all big conflicts for so many years.

B) The Holy League for the biggest change in eve geopolitics since… 2008? 2009?. iirc they suddenly appeared from literally nowhere, flipped 13-15 regions and killed two massive coalitions (the drone russian coalition and the drone renters coalition whatever their names were). All that with just a few hundred players.

(Vasiliy Chernekov) #26

Warden Myrddin/Warden Radio for being extremely influential on the French community, dragging it down in terms of PvP skills.

(SereizoR Lanfear) #27

A) Warden Myrddin
B) Jita scam association

(Raiden Harmann) #28

A) Brisc Rubal - has made a huge impression on EVE in the last year, both in and out of game

B) The EVE Content creators - the amount of work put in over the last year from all the Bloggers, streamers, artists, video makers and live meet organizers has been incredible and deserving of a mention. A lot of fun has been had thanks to their dedication to entertaining the EVE community.

(Brisc Rubal) #29

A) Pandoralica - Best FC of 2018, hands down. Constantly bringing new doctrines, refining old ones, making the difficult look easy and scaring people off grid whenever he shows up.

B) TEST - Between their highsec shenanigans, beating PL in a Titan battle, and generally moving into the top tier of alliances in the game - easily top 3 alliances right now. Had a great year in 2018.

(Ralos Emiris) #30

A) Brisc Rubal - Not only was his CSM campaign video one of the most entertaining in recent memory, but he has taken his role on the CSM seriously. He has stepped up to appear on, and even co-host, some of the more prominent Eve streams within our community. He not only represents his alliance, but is genuinely interested in the cares of the general player base.

B) Legacy Coalition - Their growth as an organization behind their leadership team has placed them in a solid seat at the table of major movers and shakers in Eve. They have had quite the recovery from when Panfam forced them out of the north and into their current holdings.

(Nakito Kobara) #31

A) gigX
B) Bombers Bar

(Plec Beddelver) #32

Santa Spirit and Commander A9, for bringing some fun to New Eden.

(Commander A9) #33

Do you perhaps mean me, Plec? XD There is no “A7” amongst us…

I appreciate the nomination!

Person?: CCP Falcon for keeping this community going.
Organization: TEST Alliance for the war against Pandemic Legion

(Santa Spirit) #34

you are most welcome.


Edit: I should also say that while I do appreciate the mention, there are folks who do much more than I do though.


(Plec Beddelver) #35

Fixed it.

(Alekseyev Karrde) #36

A) Brisc Rubal

B) Goonswarm

(Plec Beddelver) #37

I would also like to add, Uriel The Flame, for giving so much each month.

(JonnyPew) #38


(Scipio Artelius) #39

A) Brisc Rubal

B) Goons

(Matterall) #40

I like your detailed answer :slight_smile: