2018 TIS Most Influential Awards

(Matterall) #1

Talking In Stations group will be awarding “most influential” awards for a player and an organization. We want your help in finding the right people to award. Who do you think made the biggest difference to the most amount of players in EVE this year can be in or out of game;

A) Person - WINNER. Pando, FC for Initiative

B) Organization - WINNER. TEST Alliance

Awards will be announced, live on Talking In Stations December 30th.

(Lulu Lunette) #2

A) Manic Velocity @Manic_Velocity

B) The Council of Stellar Management XIII

(Aetrid) #3


(Rivr Luzade) #4

Since this is a bad joke:

A) Brisk Rubal

B) Goonswarm Federation

(Zimmer Jones) #5

The autist formerly known as Mrs. Gigx and the now defunct circle-of-2.

Maybe its not the biggest difference, but the subtraction of co2 from the rolls is hands off the best difference this year.

(Felicity Siberian) #6

A. Commander Aze, for saving Vegas
B. Streamfleet

(commander aze) #7

A Brisc Rubal likely the best CSM for community engagement
B Streamfleet

(Mane Adoulin) #8

B. Sky Marshal’s

Supercap FC’s & strategists across all of EVE have given us a lot of great fights in 2018 such as X47, UALX, C-L, and many more helldunks like the burning of dronelands by the holy league. As line members, watchers of streams, readers of articles - we have these people to thank for helping plan, organize, and lead these battles.

(Xenuria) #9

A. Xenuria
B. ISD and Volunteers who make sure meetups run smoothly.

(Ezio Dicostanzo) #10

1/ lussy Lou, for having eve’s biggest pair of balls
2/ talking in station, for our weekly dose of quality covered topics

(Buoytender Bob) #11
  1. Daeil Kim
  2. Proliferation of Bots

(Dilligafmofo) #12

Player: Marshy C/O Bombers bar fleets

Organisation: Bombers Bar

(Sam Spock) #13

A. Jonny Pew

(Zachri) #14

A) Bots

B) Serenity refugees

(Ego Tripping) #15

A) Dunk Dinkle

B) Broadcast 4 Reps

(Mina Sebiestar) #16

A Bot
B Nullsec carebears…errr…whole nullsec.

(Mina Sebiestar) #17

thx grim rainy day needed a laugh.

(Le Mittani) #18

Sean Murray


you can see both of their greasy fingerprints all over what used to be a good game

(CowRocket Void) #19

i c wut u did ther

(Philip Ricker) #20

A) Lussy Lou

B) Bomber’s Bar. Hundreds of players participate a day. Likely, even including all the major supercapital fights this year, the largest contributor to the death of supercarriers in 2018.