2020 Black Mark Awards

Vote here for the 4th Annual 2020 Black Mark Awards!

The Black Marks are Noir. and Declarations of War’s year-end awards program. While purely for shits n giggles, it’s our way of celebrating and recognizing the most awesome people and things in EVE that made our year memorable.

In keeping with the very successful approach we took last year, all candidates were nominated by the staff, guests, and community of the Declarations of War podcast however the winners are voted in by you the EVE community!

Winners will be announced on one of our next shows!


Why do I suspect there might be a bunch of Imperium votes for ronusmc for “FC of the Year”?


I thought Noir. was dead.

So did I.

It’s the last real mercenary group in the game (and quite possibly also the first one).

That CCP so utterly eviscerated the bounty/mercenary trade in their wild-wild-west space game about wars, piracy, and corporate espionage is beyond comprehension.

It reminds me of observing country-bumpkin Nordic tourists in a big city. They’ll be pointing at something and saying “ja, dat is gooden!” because they think it’s one of those pop-up art installations or pieces of famous architecture or whatever, meanwhile, all they’re actually looking at is a hobo sleeping in a cardboard box with his legs sticking out, surrounded by a bunch of trash and empty liquor bottles.

They just have no idea. I wonder if CCP see their own game as just a bunch of metrics and numbers, and have no concept of perception with regard to the romantic imagination of the universe they’ve created by anyone who’s not a jaded vet at this point? Someone needs to send them a Cowboy Bebop DVD.


In fairness to them, the real merc corps never used the bounty system for much of anything in either iteration. For the most part cash transfers are the name of the game and always has been. Having some kind of automatic third party contingency contract system (release this money if X damage is done or a thing is destroyed) would be pretty cool, but not much need/benefit for us as opposed to employers working with shittier, less trustworthy units


That’s exactly what I want. A comprehensive contract system, but for player actions instead of items. They could codify things like target entities, locations, destruction amounts, specific assets, etc. into variables, and let players build their own contracts. For example, open contract for destroying a specific corporation’s Astrahus in a specific wormhole system within 2 weeks, or killing a specific player enough times to cause X amount of ISK in damage. Combine that with some kind of ratings/review system for verified job completions…


I like it, player actions within a contract!

It also sounds like the perfect way to re-introduce bounty hunting to be honest.

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Player created missions

L1 missions with 100 mordus legion battleships (the ones in covert sites) camping the entrance is all you’ll get.

Why would you let players assign NPC entities other than possibly as target objective ship?

A player mission system shouldnt need to spawn things.

OK yeah that would be pretty sweet

Last chance to vote! We’re recording the results show tomorrow

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