Guardian Angel Award

Adequate evening my fellow capsuleers!

I represent a group devoted to helping industrialists in New Eden, and we are proud to announce “Guardian Angel Award”.
The award is 500 PLEX, and will be given out once a month to a pilot that has shown himself going out of his way to help New Edens haulers.

And this month we have decided to honor:

For outstanding determination and sacrifice, Thotamon has become a fixture at the gates of Uedama.
We award him, for the countless haulers his bare presence has saved.
For his bravery standing up against fleets while being outnumbered 20 to 1.

We Salute You o7


A very good choice, he works hard trying to save ships

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And what metrics are you using to measure who’s outstanding enough to win the reward?

I too would like to give out an award:

A prize of 5,000 PLEX will be bestowed upon my scarecrow, who was found to be outstanding in his field.


The man is a legend.

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Congratulations Thotamon!!

I would think it’s a choice made by the group who hands out the prize. Do we need to know any more than that?

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I don’t refer to myself as “we”.

I’m curious as if there are telling markers used to determine who wins the award. Such as, time put in. A measure of effort. If it’s based on a number of ganks prevented. Etc.

I thank you for the honour, close to 3m remote reps done in Uedama right now :slight_smile:


@Githany_Red @Dracvlad @Aiko_Danuja

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