A Kill Marks photo contest!

A Kill Marks photo contest?

I always thought kill marks were a great addition from CCP! I never managed to rack up a lot because I would always, in the end, “bite off more than I could chew”. :crazy_face: But that’s what makes the game fun. :sunglasses: I wish they had implemented it 10 years ago though! :wink:

With the skilling spree designed for PVP, I thought it might be a bit of fun to see who could rack up the highest kill marks in photo contest. Those with high marks already would have an advantage, but it might incite them to take risks.


Flame away. (I’ve learned to have itchy asbestos shorts on when posting by now) I just wanted to remind everyone that these were out there. :skull_and_crossbones:


The one who is autistic enough schooting his alt day in day out.

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I win.

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What’s the prize? Your post said it is a contest…

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I gave it the weekend.

Apparently only Nicolai Serkanner got the point. Which is that that I can just shoot my alpha’s and get skill points.

I thank everyone else for playing.

Except that I actually won.

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:laughing: You did! But I thought it was going to be a photo shop contest! Who could paint the most! :wink:

The point was simply that the skilling spree was easy to abuse.

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