2019 Black Mark Awards Voting

About a month late, but #SureWhyNot. Black Marks are back babyyy!

The Black Marks are Noir. and Declarations of War’s year-end awards program. While purely for shits n giggles, it’s our way of celebrating and recognizing the most awesome people and things in EVE that made our year memorable.

After Noir.'s disbanding +2 years ago, this annual event went into hibernation. But like Noir. itself we’re back and looking to be bigger and better than ever! To that effect, instead of nominations by the cast and voting done by guests, Noir. members, and Noir. alumni this year we’re switching things up. All the nominations were done by those folks and for the first time ever the winners will be chosen by our fans and the EVE community.


Winners will be announced on one of our next shows!

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Mercs stopped being an actual thing around 2011 or so, it’s a different game now with different mechanics and a different type of player. But if you really do want to sit in the Jita-Amarr pipe killing clown targets then go for it of course.

It’s a has been career mostly done by has been players.


Bc dumb. Seriously, wtf is the point?

Don’t let the naysayers discourage you, misery loves company… in a sad attempt to feel good about themselves, miserable people will try to make somebody else feel miserable as well.

Anyway, gratz and good luck to you.

Has beens > never weres

Has been is like tryhard… a supposed insult that is far better than some of the alternatives.


Eh, in the good old days Mercs had a use even if it was just slightly fabricated. A bit of RP combined with a certain mind set, at the very least it was emergent game play.

In today’s game, with today’s game mechanics in HS and today’s alliance & fleet sizes in null there’s very little you can achieve as a small dedicated outfit for hire. The last bastion of hope would be WH mercing but that’s already done and generally takes quite a bit of effort, it’s also a very different play style.

Mercs are dead and have been for a long time. It’s part of the reason why PIRAT became so prevalent.

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Yup CCP wrecked the merc aspect of eve they could have capitalized on it but nope they did what they do best and did a half assed job, bounty hunting also has been useless from day one.


The only useful thing out of the bounty system is I can look at my bounty to see how many satisfied customers I had over the years. :smiling_imp:


More like dissatisfied competitors than satisfied customers.


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I use that term ironically.


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And yet it’s still going well, so weird ;p Mercs are dying like EVE is dying


Is it? All the KB is showing is some random stuff mostly done by 1-3 players. Everyone can make 3 kills on a corp or alliance and go “yeah I got paid for that”, like mercs have been doing so often and for so many years.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept of mercs and I wish the times wouldn’t have made them largely irrelevant. Just don’t insult us with lies.

:looks at Theron’s kb:

Apparently not EVERYONE

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I’m not the one stating mercing is fine, especially not since this is just an alt. Looks to me like you’re deflecting the point so thank you for being honest like that and admit they were lies.

If you’re a mercenary you’re getting paid for your effort, if you don’t get paid you’re not a merc, just a PVPer or a pirate. Again, don’t get me wrong I love old school piracy and wish it was still a thing. Just like mercs.

I realise Noir has mostly been about PR and RP and that’s great but as said earlier: don’t insult us with lies.

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