No Frost, no TIS :-(

Dont know about any 1 else but im sure missing the weekly frost vids and the TIS vids.
Meta show is good but im not a goon, totaly missing frost ess videos she was great to see the sov change stuff etc.
Talking in stations has been going down hill last 6months
With less and less videos.
Where have they all gone ? :cry:


a nice video for you :smiley:


Talking in Stations died because @Brisc_Rubal fired a loaded Goonswarm at @Matterall. Here is a screenshot of the horrific slaughter.


I prob miss frost more than tis tbh. Frost was ace

It’s really tough running a good show week after week after week.


Enthusiasm for Eve is at all time lows. Blame the current CEO and dev admin for the current state of the game tbh. Heck, even I’m rarely playing anymore. Look at the daily player count too. Eve’s lost something like 10-15k players in the last year+
Will they come back? Maybe, maybe not. A leadership change would help.

you mean the best show ever? :heart:

To b fair you do do a damn good show. Well done !

what happened to them?

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