Eve online YouTube channels

Please put some effort into your content. I’m tired of the slow monotone. This game has a lot to be animated about, and you’re actively putting people off from ever trying this game.

lol. You must be talking to me.

Well, I have gotten better. Have you tried watching my newer content?

Also, have you thought about making the type of content that you would like to see?


I’m not connected enough to know enough about the inner workings of the powers that be

My peeve is the channels that for example, run a low level abyssal and then pretend it’s harder than it is by saying they’re doing things and checking things they are not or don’t need to.
“oh that’s a lot of incoming damage (barely takes any) so I’ll check my SB is on the ship and enter defensive mode while I check my ammo and the enemies resistances and do some quick maths”
They do this while darting their mouse around and clicking everything in the game as if eve has an apm counter aswell we cramming in as many unused acronyms as humanly possible.


Youtubers like to show off. Sometimes they’ll use 20 words where 10 suffice and I like when they run out of things to say and go “…so yeah…” lol
But I have seen plenty of EVE vids that are very well put together. There are tons of EVE videos on YT and not all of them made by self-absorbed individuals.
@Shipwreck_Jones 's videos for example are nice to spend time on.

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old video
but this guy is sexy AF

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