218 mil sp pilot looking for small/med gang roaming corp

I’m EU timezone GMT+2 and I am looking for a corp that does pvp in gangs ranging from 2-3 people to at most 20-30 on a regular basis.
I am not interested in any corps part of large sov holding alliances.
I mostly preffer support roles like e-war /logi .

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Hi wish kaan,

i think you are the type of pilot we are looking for.

We are part of winmatar. alliance an independent group that operates in venal.

We like to keep our gameplay simple and fun.

I would love to speak more with your about what we are doing so if you like please join our discord so we can talk some


Hi @Wish_Kaan

We are an EU corp & alliance focussed on fun PVP. We live in LS/NPC Null with good access to surrounding areas and minimal blues. We bascially like chilling on comms and blowing stuff up

We do have access to a coalition for larger fleets and SRP but its okay if thats not your thing.

Drop by for a chat if you want to know a bit more: https://discord.gg/v5Re2cFnHm

Corp KB: The Dark Vanguard | Corporation | zKillboard

See if that can interest ya

Hi we are a small corp of vets who have retured to the game.

Hyper Pivot - Fresh LS corp. We are small, and plan to stay lean.

If it sounds interesting hop on the discord. Otherwise, gl out there.

yo m8, EU here same time zone myself +2 and 90% of corp aswell.

Well thats what we do, what about becoming a Police Officer? :sunglasses: nice pew,pew just making it look good :smile:

Here is our post m8, hope to ttys.


I am not 100% sure we are the perfect fit but we do regular pvp fleets in that range but it is what I call “Reactive PVP” for the most part. Where we respond to what is in the area based on intelligence instead of roaming. We do roams just not daily and the tiring gate to gate and either blue balls or blob drops gets tiring so I don’t tend to run them as regularly.

It may be worth your time to have a chat with me so we can see if our dynamic works for you, but no worries if not. I want to be 100% transparent in how our community operates so I do not waste your time or under achieve on your expectations because we are not a group of “Leeeeet PVPers”

Hello Kaan, have you considered checking out life in Pochven? Stribog Clade is recruiting.

This region functions like a hybrid of wormhole and null-security space with unique gameplay and mechanics found nowhere else in New Eden and, in my opinion, there is no place better in the game for either small-gang or solo PvP opportunities.

Feel free to me in-game if you have any questions.

If you are interested in joining, apply in-game to Stribog Proving [SKS3P] and and on our Website to begin the application process.

Hope to fly with you soon in The Domain of Bujan

Just checking in to see if you have found a home yet. If not, refer to my discord post above.


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