21M Pure regular battle account

Good reputation,No murder permission, the resurrection point is jita.
Professional proficiency is Cerberus and Ishtar .
Heavy assault cruiser 4,Scout cruiser 4.
Can use T2 Heavy drone、T2 Medium drone、Rapid Light Missile Launcher II .
Starting price is 14B,Buyout price is 17B . Auction lasts for one week

Anyone interested?

that shows you have 3 Jump clones, you must disclose where they are located in your post, plus you also need to post that your wallet (must be positive)

clone all empty,You can destroy them, account no isk

is good

14 BIL

14B Bid is valid

Still.need to disclose wallet and if the clones are still there, The location of them

Are you an administrator?,I don’t want to care ,1M isk,No other clones

No I’m not an ISD. but that is apart of the rules for posting a character for sale.

i an new,you are right.

last two days,anyone else?

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