21M Pure regular battle account

(The algae were) #1

Good reputation,No murder permission, the resurrection point is jita.
Professional proficiency is Cerberus and Ishtar .
Heavy assault cruiser 4,Scout cruiser 4.
Can use T2 Heavy drone、T2 Medium drone、Rapid Light Missile Launcher II .
Starting price is 14B,Buyout price is 17B . Auction lasts for one week

(The algae were) #2

Anyone interested?

(Winston Onzo) #3

that shows you have 3 Jump clones, you must disclose where they are located in your post, plus you also need to post that your wallet (must be positive)

(The algae were) #4

clone all empty,You can destroy them, account no isk

(The algae were) #5

is good

(PornDirector) #6

14 BIL

(The algae were) #7

14B Bid is valid

(Winston Onzo) #8

Still.need to disclose wallet and if the clones are still there, The location of them

(The algae were) #9

Are you an administrator?,I don’t want to care ,1M isk,No other clones

(Winston Onzo) #10

No I’m not an ISD. but that is apart of the rules for posting a character for sale.

(The algae were) #11

i an new,you are right.

(The algae were) #12

last two days,anyone else?

(system) #13

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