22 Mil Mining / indy toon for sale

Postive Isk Balance
Positive Sec Status
No Kill Rights
Blockade Runner

Open to BO offers

can’t see the skills!

They’re showing on my end, do I have to do something to make it public?

Updated main post

11.2 billions

11.3 bill

12 bill

Honestly, this website is better: https://skillboard.eveisesi.space/

I do’nt mind it but the one above is the one I see everyone use.

Bump! Looking to sell!

How much are you looking to get?

My hope was 16.5



Actually know what accepted send isk and accpunt name and ill start the transfer tonight @UltraWong

Bump no word no isk so still for sale

12 bill, still

Would you be willing to go 12.5?

Sry, that’s too expensive, I insist.

Eh I’d like to stop chekcing this thread. Lets do it send isk and account name and transfer will be started o7