235 Mil Sp - Lots of Pie scattered across Universe

I have been training him with some skills in like everything. He is currently into Logistics Warfare skills and Capital ships.

Was about to keep injecting; but I stopped… ^.^

Good name, has standings with several Corporations, Lots of LP.

Not much with Clones, they however are in low sec, 0.0 and high sec, usually spread out in nifty places across Eve.


No kill rights on him: He forgot to put the pie Weeble gave him and put it away in the safe with the rest of his assets and then lock everything correctly.

Head full of +5’s

8 Bil

Located in a Clone in High Sec, No available remaps for 8 months.

I have 955,000 unallocated Sp

235 mil sp

250 Bil Starting Bid

Auction Ends Eve Time Eve of New Years 2018

Buyout: none
Reserve: none

Ingame offers or chats not accepted, just put bids in here until New Years.




185 billion.

If I’m missing something that would merit bidding a substantial premium over market value, please advise. Pie in the sky?



bump !!!

bumpity bump; Danger Will Robinson DANGER !

bump !


bump !!

bump !!!

Happy New Year.

190 billion… grab it now while the market is red hot!!

Nice char.

Easy worth 230B+ mate. Don’t sell it cheap



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