240mil SP PVPer looking for null sec home

Looking for a null sec group that is extremely active. I enjoy pvp and would like to learn abyssals.

I have four accounts (240m sp/150m sp/140m sp/90m sp) for main pvp, cap, cap support and indy.

Leave a post and a little about your group and I’ll get back to you.

Hey ZenDragon,

we are a part of We Form V0lta, we currently have Sov in Fade, Deklein and Pure Blind, but there is plenty of hostile space near by. There are plenty of people that are interested in roaming and small gang stuff, which you seem to enjoy, looking at your killboard. But since we are in a sov holding alliance, we also have bigger fleets.

If you are interested, feel free to check out or forum post and/or chat with us on our Discord server.

Hey we are us tz null sec alliance in pure blind low blue list and small gangs all day, blops on the regular Check us out our in game channel is “keebler moon elves” Into the Ether | Corporation | zKillboard

Howdy Zen!

First of all, I am going to be honest with you, The Celestial Cartel does not currently hold sov, so if that is a complete dealbreaker that is completely understandable. With that being said, we are a corp that has experience holding sov. We are quite active in NATZ and AUTZ, and are getting ready to make our next push into sov nullsec shortly. We have experienced leadership pride ourselves on our member-first orientation.

For more information feel free to take a look at our recruitment post or hop on our discord linked in the aformentioned post :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hope to see you out there o7

hey come check us out o7

[OZLAD] [US/AU] Low-Sec Alliance Looking For Corporations and Recruits - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

We would like to talk to you if you haven’t made a decision yet, sent in game mail.

Hey man it sounds you would fit in right with my corp Rusted and Rejuvenated! We currently live in Cloud Ring with Triumvirate. ! We are tight-knit, very active, and enjoy PvP of all kinds, whether that be alliance ops or going on small gang roams. We however specialize in small gang PvP in particular. We are currently looking for people within the US and EU TZ, who have experience and are interested in a null sec experience outside of a big block.

Below is what we offer:

  • Solo and Group PvP opportunities
  • Alliance Level Large Fleet opportunities in both NA an EU TZ
  • Corp run Small Gang NA and EU TZ Ops and Roaming
  • Opportunities for training including FC training for future FC’s
  • 100% Alliance SRP to cover ship losses during strat ops
  • An Active Teamspeak 3, Discord, and custom Web services
  • Nullsec ratting
  • Nullsec Mining and Production Facilities
  • Jump Freighter service and logistical support


  • Omega Required for all accounts
  • A working mic with access to TeamSpeak required
  • Access to Discord required
  • ESI Token for all characters required
  • Recent small gang experience and/or large fleet experience desired
  • Alts for use as Dictor, Cap and/or Cynos strongly desired.
  • Caldari & Minmatar doctrine capabilities strongly desired

If you would like to inquire about joining us please feel free to reach out through our recruitment channel “Trust in Rust” or PM the following leadership:

Corp CEO:
Saladon Dragonfist

Head Recruitment/Corp XO:
Vladamier Donvendonish

EU Recruiter:
Lafien Venind

You can also reach us through our discord: Rusty Boys Welcome
Zkill: Rusted and Rejuvenated | Corporation | zKillboard

Hey, we’re in Imperium so as long as you weren’t in pappi you might have a home with us. Obviously right now we’re taking back the lost space so there’s around a dozen small fleets every hour (usually capped) but even during peace time there’s still plenty of stuff to do, with various special interest groups you can join.

If you’d like to know more then drop by our discord for a chat: Eve Defence Force

Eve Forum Post: ★ Nexus Core. Find a home, build an empire! ★

CEO & Recruitment - Nakito Kobara (Discord: Nakito Kobara#6850)

Discord: Join our discord!

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