[26DIM] Uncharted Dimension - 00/HS PVP/PVE - New player friendly

Welcome to the Uncharted Dimension,

Uncharted Dimension is are a very relaxed V0LTA renter corp living in Fade&Deklein. With the main focus on PVE and PVP. As well as guiding new pilots and providing them the opportunity of null-sec experience.
We offer:

  • Great 00 ratting experience with the great payout. ~200-500M ISK/h PVE content.

  • Reimburstment for PVP and PVE

  • Strong and reliable industry infrastructure, moons for miners and builders. Sotiyo&Tatara

  • Corp roaming fleets, anti-roaming and wormhole activity.

  • Very cheap Jita <-> Home logistic service on daily basis.

  • NEW PILOT exclusive: Providing a personal mentoring program, helping you with both ship and knowledge. We are very experienced in teaching new players how to stand on their own feet. You will learn how to make a lot of ISK without getting killed in 00 and if you prefer HS we also teach you how to do the faction mission and incursions.

Requirements for application:

  • Being friendly and supportive to each other. A great community is the most important for us.

  • Omega account or currently Alpha but more than 20M Skill Points.

  • Discord with a working microphone for fleets.

  • More than 5 active hours per week on average.

- For new players under 2 months: You can be alpha or omega, we want you to be active and ready to learn.

To apply please join the channel: Unchared Dimension
You are welcome to chat with us on our Discord: The Unchared


As a new corp we are hitting 20 active member very soon!
Still looking for talented pilots who share our values. A huge thanks to everyone!

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