26M SP returning character looking for C2-3 wormhole corp - AU TZ

Hey guys,

Returning player after a few years of not playing (last played in 2013/2014 in Nullsec).

Looking for an easy-going wormhole corp in C2-3 wormhole space. Have a good deal of experience in wormholes and ran a wormhole corp for the better part of a year.

Happy to have a chat on discord or in-game beforehand to see if we are a good fit for each-other.

~ Brox

why jspace?

I spent a lot of time living in Jspace, ran a Jspace corporation for a while there. Just enjoyed my time there and am keen to revisit it.

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Heh, why not jspace? :slight_smile:

I’d like to suggest having a look here:

If it sounds like fun to you, and you meet the requirements please do consider dropping an app in :slight_smile:


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Very good group!

Thanks for the heads up Cypr3ss, I’ll definitely look into it.

At first glance though it looks like I might not quite hit the requirements (being 26m not 40m etc).

I’ll see if anything else pops up in the meantime, looking to ease back into things :stuck_out_tongue:

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How about a C2 corp in the rebuild phase after we took a 3 year break ourselves? https://eve-df1as.com check us out, hit me up ingame or join channel DF1AS Public if you’ve got any questions. I’m USTZ but I’m generally up and online late as hell, so… might as well be AUTZ half the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Havohej,

Looks interesting and definitely something I’ll look into.

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Sounds like you’d be a good fit for us and I believe we would be a good fit for you. We are a Small, veteran group of PvPers with a focus on microgang and wormhole hunting.

Most our guys are engaged in solo PvP or other self sufficient content daily; having veterans who know how to fly their ships make us that much stronger when we get together and PvP. Saves us from having to spoonfeed, as well.

Whilst we have a slightly bigger US and EU tz, we do have 3-5 people on in the AU tz and it is definitely growing.

Only thing we don’t tick for you is we live in a c4 not c2/3.

Our group content usually involves fighting outnumbered, putting those piloting skills to work. Feel free to jump into our discord for a chat.

boom Krypted Gaming - Tight Knit PvP corporation Recruitment Center

Who are we? Krypted Gaming is a tight-knit group of chill individuals with a focus on fun, blowing things up, and enjoying everything the game has to offer. We’ve been playing together for a fairly long time, in all regions of space. Null campaigns, wormhole evictions, deployments; you name it we’ve probably done it together. We live in a Class 4 wormhole, with statics for maximum roaming potential. Active Timezones Region Active Hours Activity uk 18:00-22:00 Usually…

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Thanks for all your responses everyone - I’ve now found a corp.


Excellent another adventurous player and wishing you well in your new WH corp.

Later on in your J Space career, if you think to change your WH choice, come see us in WHSOC.


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