2nd major expansion

Viridian seems to be the first major expansion in 2023. What about the second? Just curious what it might bring, like ships, new pvp/pve content?

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New skins, more EverMarks.


We’ll get hints once the new story arc begins.


You can read between the lines of New Eden News to get some hints :wink:

Like compression of PI commodities by 50% was announced in one of them.

  • New Eden Foundation for Industrial Colony Science Reports Breakthrough in Materials Compression

The famous Exceladin+ software is part (imho) of AID Act by Gallente. I hope it will bring more automation/QoL changes to the gameplay. Or it could mean a prelude to some gamechanging disaster caused by people toying with AI :smiley: Giving more options for new missions or game events.

There was also an anouncement of new Minmatar modular reusable PI tech. My guess is it will be possible to dismantle and repackage command center back to the cargo hold and haul it to another planet.

There are constant news here and there of warclones activities and their feats hinting at that shooter by CCP London and what could you do in it.

I just read that news to amuse myself and get hyped :stuck_out_tongue:

I recall one news item telling of Guristas stealing warclone tech from Caldari Peacekeepers transport. So it is reasonable to expect dealing with rat warclones in that shooter or better yet they getting into your Upwell structure to subvert your ownership hehe

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What exactly is major about it?

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Idk, warclones roaming Abudban X - Moon 10 - Urban Management Bureau Offices station in search of your hangar :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the repackagable minmatar PI tech is a indicator that we only need one command center and not 7-8 different ones for each planet seperately , freeing up space in the cargohold
for the warclone tech that got stolen , i think its a hint of ccp to us that they are about to change how npc´s behave in the future , aka AI update

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Agents become LLM-backed chatbots?

You commented about it in a thread, that makes it major!

I’m waiting for when Concord turn against us all!

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Oh it can be done right now, we just all start shooting at each other in high-sec, right :thinking:
Then there is no other way than low and null with no return …or else

Could we please do this in Low? I sort of wrecked my Security status last weekend when I shot at the Tower and so now it is going to take me this weekend to grind out ratting.


I think I need to skill up more to match you so you won’t feel it is not fun :slight_smile:
I just play with dirt doing PI and wasting my omega time on forums hehe

Beside your sec is higher (0<) than mine (<0) and i am not buggered by CONCORD :thinking:
I just shot POCO over my planet once and gone negative :confused:

I will contract you a cruiser just train into that then and I will have the exact same fit.

Let's make our own history

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just send me the fit, don’t waste isk :slight_smile: I will buy it when i am ready, ok?

There are some rumours about having UFOs in Eve, you know the tic-tacs :slight_smile:

From a perspective, it would really be a major expansion; and secondly, it would put more reality into Eve. Because now it looks a bit like an ocean without the main fish type :slight_smile:

True, probably the most noticeable feature of the expansion

Can someone summarize what this first major expansion brought?

I briefly read the patch notes so I know about the new capital ship type. That doesn’t interest me at all since I never was rich enough to fly one (and not be afraid to lose it).

Was there anything else? Did they fix the horrendous Photon UI or gave us option to use the old one? Did they nerf ganking? Did they improve HW requirements which spiked heavily with the graphic changes last year?


Without looking I would think it was the change to moon mining that moved away from Control Towers.

This was also hinted in the news :open_mouth:

And Ytirium asteroids (aka Asteroid anomalies) as well

About two weeks before the Viridian release date.

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