3.5T Sell [Or use apocalypse imperial to exchange] collection of a full set of Sansha

Ah, tons of replies, unable to know the current price. Is it now going by 1.25t equivalent value of plex?

The current price is 4T.
But the friend above is planning to buy it with 3T.

They are not planning to buy it. That persons only posts on forums to waste your time.

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Thank you my friend.
I want to say:I wouldn’t be surprised if this deal doesn’t close.
Because in the past six months, similar things have happened more than a dozen times.
I can only try to do what I can and show sincerity.

he is not your friend, he is a big troll. i want to buy but as i said in amamake

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Sadly, I really can’t move them.
How about PushX?Will they accept the job?

Wow he still trying to sell it all as one big lot

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Yeah,I’m still trying and I’m still perfecting my collection to make it accountable to my future buyers.
But I also don’t mind keeping them.

I think like I need to reiterate that :
these can be sold in 2 parts.
The first part is a regular item worth 3b.
The second part is AT ship series worth 1.1T.

Haggling is accepted.

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The price of IMP is 610b.

haha haha hahah ahah

You interested in selling what you have multiples of separately?

Stay strong! you will get your price!


I don’t really understand, can you be more specific?

He wants to know if you will sell items that you have multiples of.

For example, the skins. You have 10+ of most the skins. He is wanting to know if you would sell some of the skins that you have 10+ of.

Yep as that wouldn’t take away from the “collection” aspect of it

Sorry my friend,
I don’t have plans to break them up and sell them.

thank you, i think i get it now.