3 Days - Third time returning beta player

I played from beta, nearly 6 years non stop, had a lot of fun… made a lot of friends… and real life got serious. So once RL calmed, i returned in 2014 for about 2 weeks… got wrecked constantly, lost nearly my whole fleet of ships… and put eve back on the shelf until about 3 days ago.

find out i cant mine any decent ore in .5 and up… so i hop to the closest .4
on my first run to grab some ore for a few blueprints (lets rebuilt my ships)… i get blasted instantly.
I guess i’m asking… whats left in this game for a guy like me? Back in the day we would at least ransom… i have loads of isk i could have dropped to spare the trouble of rebuild my last ship… but i was blind sided just like back in 2014.

With all the .5+ ore mined out and decent ore like kernite pushed to .4 and less… i guess all thats left for a solo player is running cargo? i’ve done that life and its more fun to mine, create, explore. Everything seems 100% controlled by some sort of mega group. I don’t think there is anything left in eve for me… maybe i’ll just go spin my isk on the replacement gambling system they integrated.

i’m just generally curious… is there anything left in eve without having to join some sort of mega corp? It makes sense why a dev messaged me the first day i returned to ask if i was having fun and drop some freebees. Its like he knew i was going to be wrecked instantly, and i think they are genuinely concerned about player retention. I’ve found both my returns less than entertaining.

o7, i read your replies but i fully anticipate an onslaught of juvenile -salt -tears comments.

The short answer is: yes.
The long answer is more nuanced.

If all you care about is low attention afk farming activities like:

then no.


First; Good that you enjoyed the game years ago, that’s great. No matter what then you will have good memories to cherish.

The game is, of course, different than it was in 2008, and that was different than 2014. Things have changed a lot, EvE is always evolving. Some changes have been good, some…not so good…but there have been a lot of changes.

For example; Lowsec true piracy has mostly gone away :frowning: Very few will actually legit ransom anymore. Now Gms try to greet many new or returning players, something many seem to like.

Maybe you should roll up an alpha clone (basically a free time-unlimited trial account with skillpoint restrictions) and go through the tutorial / career missions / sisters of eve epic arc (yeah the tutorial could use some work…but at least there is one these days…)

I suspect if you stuck around a bit you would learn the massive changes that have happened and adapt to what EvE is today rather than at another point in it’s existence. There is lots of fun to be had in this game, imo, ya just gotta adapt, push through any crap encountered, and make your fun.

I hope you stay. Do keep in mind there are many other things to do in EvE other than mining if you wish.

No, not everywhere is controlled by a megabloc, but you will have to find out who claims what now.

Whatever you decide:

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Thanks for the thoughtful reply. The new forums are a refreshing departure from the old… or maybe we all just got old along the way. Thanks

i get it, its not a free universe anymore. not really “create your own destiny” sandbox. Old salt like me needs his hand held if hes ever going back to null for the various left.

It never really was, but sure.


Oh, not to worry - these forums are the third iteration of forums EvE has had, but they are still mostly:

Folks generally behave better in this sction (NCQ&A), but most of the other forum sections are kind of:


Since there is no chance of hooking up with people that don’t type anything in chat, and they can kill so fast you don’t even see shield or hull damage on the drake. … I’m gonna spin my entire wealth on the gambling system. I’ll hit it big, or i can hang up the game for good since it should wipe me out if i loose. Sounds like the only other play style option i have is to just shoot people until i finish depleting my reaming resources.

I would rather loose it back to ccp in a lame auction bid for a player item than feed more of the typical scarebears



Yes, lots of things.

Anything significant or of great value to the games eco-system? No.

Everyone is AFK ratting on 15 accounts they don’t even pay CCP for to fund their Titan fleets.

So little Miney McMineface in his Retriever isn’t going to impress anyone.

Sure you can mine in a little corner of the galaxy and supply enough Tritanium to build 1/1000th of one of those Titans, but you won’t change the game or anything.

Very few people are able to think small anymore. Everyone wants to know how to quickly earn 1.4 billion so they can play for free and that has become the game - not a sandbox space adventure - an ISK simulator, ISK Online.

One guy, delonewolf, you may know him from his YouTube channel, founded an entire free trade empire in Dital some time ago. Dital was full of his Citadels, his content was aimed at new players He has many followers. You can search his videos and watch his Dital adventures if you like.

Everything he built in Dital was recently blown to bits by a mega corp for being in their way.

Welcome to EVE (again).

Little to nothing is left for solo players. If you want to mine either join up with one of mega corps or make little to no isk in high sec mining.


I disagree. I play solo A LOT. Of course, I also multibox a lot too. Even then, those that want to play just one character and solo can still have fun and success. They will, of course, have a longer and more difficult road, but if the plethora of videos of people doing solo PvE and PvP (sometimes even as an alpha) are any indication, it is a viable way to play the game.

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I’m surprised that someone who played when the game when it just dumped people in space with 5k isk and a rookie ship is in here asking what there is to do in Eve. Well, first of all check out the career chart. It’s a bit out of date, so, at the very least, add Abyssal Filaments, Pochven, and ESS stealing to the list.

Second, complaining that you were blindsided when you jumped into low is kind of on par with saying that you were blindsided after walking into traffic. I’m not exactly how you weren’t aware of the danger. Regardless, you can reduce your chances of getting caught with your pants down by learning how to play the game. I know that may sound like I’m trolling, but I’m actually being serious. It sounds like you still have a lot to learn. So, swallow your pride, and start asking yourself what you can do in order to get more favorable outcomes.

There are a butt ton of groups of various sizes carving out a niche in Eve -including plenty of solo players. Mega corps do offer a lot of advantages (such as SRP, free ships, response fleets, intel channels, community knowledge, etcetera) that make establishing yourself a lot easier, but they are but one way to play the game. There are plenty of smaller groups that would love to have a motivated player. And if you want to strike out on your own, you can do that to. People often say that playing Eve solo is like playing Eve on hard mode, but it is definitely a viable way to play the game and have fun.

Truth be told, I’m not sure that Eve is the right game for you. I’m not sure how you lasted for so long your first time, but I’m willing to bet you had a different attitude. Regardless, there are a billion viable play styles in Eve, so just about everyone can find something they like. The rub, however, is that it’s also a brutal and unforgiving sandbox. So the challenge is figuring out what you want to do, and how to survive and thrive while doing it. It’s kind of like the lobster of video games. You might get pinched, and it’s pain in the ass to get to the good stuff, but the good stuff sure is ■■■■■■■ delicious.

So, it’s up to you if you want to put in the work to get to the good stuff. If you are up to the challenge, then great. Welcome back. And if not, can I have your stuff?

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lovely post, it’s all about attitude. I do like 8 different things as a solo player and that keeps things fresh.

and there are so many empty lowsec systems ninja mining in a venture should be pretty easy to do. and if you lose one, well so what it’s a venture. losing one and crying about it is a pretty poor attitude


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