30kk SP Pilot 2011 Dob

Hey, iam for sale.


Located in High Sec
Security Status 0.00
Positive Wallet
No kill-rights
Bonus Remaps 2
Yearly Remap 1

Starting Bid: 30B


21 bil

22 bil.


anything below 30 wont be considered, if i cant get 30+ ill just turn it into injectors and make more isk.


Well, you won’t make 30+ ripping injectors out of him. After the cost of extractors, sales tax, and broker’s fees you will net a bit less than a Bil per 1kk SP. the you can only extract to 5-5.5kk SP. so really you will make about 25 Bil extracting.

And the skill set here is odd. Perfect jump skills, but you can not fly and jump capable ships. Just my 2 cents, but I don’t believe you will get 30+.

your assuming ill sell them on the market and that it matter that i have to buy the extractors as to buying plex. in the end ill still be able to pull out 40+B of injectors and as i got a standing buyer i wont have to spend money on market fee’s.

so yes i will make more by doing so then accepting less then 30.

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